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We believe for a safe and healthy working environment between our professionals and our Host. As for any joint venture we want to make sure that it is a win win situation for both. We want to take care of our host and ensure we retain dedicated Turnover Pros. This is an area where either partner can afford to count pennies.

To run a business and treat every guest like the most spectacular VIP in the world is not easy nor for the faint at heart.


Every cleaning person is trained using your personalized task worksheet to make sure we are cleaning what is important to you and your business.

Regular inspections are done to make sure each employee follows the tasks and that our quality is high. We randomly inspect

  • after the cleaning is performed for total quality during the cleaning for cleaning inefficiencies
  • during the cleaning and will address any details needed with you to ensure you satisfaction


Number of Bedrooms Prices
Studio $70 to $90
One Bedroom $45 to $100
Two Bedroom $85 to $110
Three Bedroom $100 to $130
Four Bedroom $120 to $160
Five Bedroom $160 to $200


Invest in a deep cleaning service occasionally, even if you think the property is clean. The whole home will feel fresher and you won’t need to worry about hidden surprises giving you bad press!”

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