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Our customer typically say these three major complements about us, which means a lot to us.


We try to make sure that your turnover pro is the same so that they get a chance to get familiar with your place and how things should be.  We want you to be confident that we can do the job for you and that you can depend on us to handle the cleaning portion of your business.  We care about how you and the guest perceive the home away from home and can add the small touches that make a difference in their stay.  The goal of all hosts is to get that 5-star rating (which means more bookings!), and ensuring that cleaners are constantly on top of their game is what we will take care of!

We are committed to keeping the communications open for a hassle free relationship – No excuses.


Discover how we deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected. At Vacation Rental Cleaning Pros, building customers’ loyalty is not just satisfaction. We give our best to work as fast as possible and to provide the best quality in the meantime, that’s why we decided to offer a rate per cleaning for the short term rental.

Indeed, from our experience, the time spent in a unit is based on the guest behavior, sometimes a deeper cleaning will be needed, sometimes a light cleaning will be enough. Since the host is directly charged on the online marketplace, it makes more sense not to charge per hour.


Our team of turnover pros are always improving its methods to make our customers happy. They have been asked to adhere to the company’s standards and expectations in regards to appearance, attitude, behavior and performance when dealing with co-workers and customers. Our team shows a great integrity and discretion which is the key in our industry. Finally, we define professionalism by being punctual and reliable resulting in being committed to the team, our customers and the company.

We be believe the more professionalism that is incorporated in the hospitality, the more positive experiences you will have the opportunity to create. You’ll be able to enjoy watching the bookings pour in as they make a very welcomed dent in your wallet

We have found we can achieve the standards of cleanliness and appearance you desire at a price that makes sense.

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